Creating Dis-ease

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Today we know that we, like the rest of the universe, are made of Energy. In our case it is the energy that vibrates according to the emotional charges that it carries, the thought patterns it contains and the manifest matter it creates as a result.

If we look at this energy and imagine it like an ocean from which waves arise into form and then return back into that vast pool of vital force, we can see how these waves play out on the individual plane.

Every thought, every emotion and every experience that we have carries with it a vibrational charge. These experiences, like the rise and fall of the waves, need to pass through us and return to Source, that ocean of energy from which we all come and to which we all return. But that is not what happens in the human body.

As we grow and develop our energetic field, and our Egos, we experience events/ energetic charges that we do not fully process. We do not allow ourselves to feel them fully and thus pass through us, because they trigger emotional responses in us that we wish to avoid.  This causes us to shut down our feelings, withholding the energy of the experience and in the process creating emotional and mental  blocks. Now the experience that should have moved through us back into Source, gets stuck. It becomes a spinning vortex of energy that resonates with certain areas of our body which correspond to that specific vibration. This unresolved experience begins to inhabit the body.

Constant feelings of fear for example which kick in the flight or fight response, begin to accumulate in the legs, hips and lower back as our survival instinct pushes us to respond. Since we usually neither run nor fight, that energy of fear gets stuck there and begins to haunt us, resurfacing again and again with every new experience or rehashing of that same event. While we no longer have to flee wild animals or spear carrying enemies, modern society is permeated by fear – fear of losing your job, your home, your status, your loved ones or of becoming sick.

Its presence, according to universal law, begins to attract more of the same. Every experience that carries that same charge and is not fully processed and allowed to return to Source, continues to accumulate in this area becoming denser and more charged with that emotion.

On the biological level, every such experience triggers a massive release of chemicals into the system. Glands that correspond vibrationally to the energy center in question become dysfunctional when the charge in that area is too much. The body cannot process the chemical releases fast enough and sensations of discomfort, of dis-ease begin to appear. They usually come up in areas or organs that are genetically, environmentally or otherwise predisposed to weakness

These sensations are messengers that something is not right. If ignored for too long they develop into life threatening disease. And while modern medicine has refined its knowledge of dealing with these sensations on a physical level, the drugs used to treat them are temporary resolutions at best as they often mask what needs to be addressed. The cure comes only from within ourselves.

While being diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease can be terrifying, the knowledge that we can undo what we created in our bodies is very empowering. Anything can be reversed.  The blocks that were created by us can be pushed through and released returning our systems to balance and wholeness. In balance we allow ourselves to feel fully and thus process experiences in a way that they can continue returning to Source. In that state our bodies become our fullest human expression allowing us to enjoy life through all our senses.

Yoga Therapy is an effective way of pushing through and dissolving energetic blocks. In our next post we will go deeper into how to create well being.

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Monika, a transplant from Poland and Brazil, has been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years. She began her training in 1999 with Edely Wallace, (owner of Yoga Matrix Studio in Orlando, Florida) a yogi master, Yoga Alliance founder and author who studied in Belgium, Brazil and the US and who is at present working with lymphatic yoga research. She went on to study with Ariel Albani, a certified wellness and yoga facilitator and Reiki master. She furthered her studies while on a trip to India, practicing with different Eastern yogis and tapping into yoga as a complete path to wholeness. Monika continues to explore the infinite possibilities of wellness that yoga offers by becoming certified in Yoga Therapy at the Amrit Yoga Institute in 2015 and bringing elements of this therapy to her group yoga practice. In 2016 she was certified in the I Am method of Yoga Nidra and is weaving this technique of stilling the mind into her classes. Her Healing Yoga is a meditative flow of breath guided Asanas focused on quieting the mind and connecting with the Higher Self, in order to identify and target areas of imbalance. It is a gentle but mindful practice done with eyes closed so as to keep the focus within. Practitioners are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and to move with the breath, allowing a slow process of stretching and opening areas of holding in need of healing. Each inhale is mindfully guided to the area targeted by the specific asana. Every exhale is used to release tensions and toxins, balancing and healing spirit, mind and body.

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  1. As usual filled with wisdom, I think it would be of great value dear Monika, if you share soon how asanas and meditation help to release those energy contractures. As we know yoga is medicine. You are a gifted writer, thank you again! Namaste!

    1. Thank you dearest friend! Yes, my next post will be Creating Well Being, or reversing this process through Yoga.

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