Frequency of Wellness

Although mainstream health science is slow to grasp the truth that we are energy as matter, mind and feelings, we clearly perceive it and are finally understanding that life is a miracle. All the chemistry and biology we know is very rudimentary in face of the spark of creation that permeates everything, the desire of consciousness to know itself. How we experience life is a choice and it is the vibration we acquire in every moment that dictates our reality.

In the higher realms of consciousness there is a drive to evolve. Manifesting in human form and delving into the three dimensional reality of space and time has the potential to push us to an even higher leavel of creation and joy.

Our bodies, our thoughts and emotions is energy vibrating at different levels of existence, all affecting each other and coalescing into a cognizant self. This self experiences birth and the passing of time. It is continuously fluid and ever changing and can be observed in stillness. It lives through the senses. Sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell as well as other forgotten faculties that we have yet to rediscover, bring a mind blowing reality into our awareness. But losing ourselves in the mind draws us into an existence of suffering and pain.

The story of the fall from grace is a fitting analogy. Having tasted of the illusory power of the mind, we lose awareness of what is here to be discovered and are banished from paradise. But paradise is within reach and just on the other side of the veil of the mind. It can be found in stillness.

There is a certain lightness of being that becomes known in presence, a spaciousness that transcends the body and the mind. It is to this space of connection that we go to to rebalance and nourish so as to create from a higher level of existence. This vibration of wellness can only be found Here. When the body aligns with it, everything returns to center. From this center we can intend a life that is boundless in every way.

As we come into meditation we move into this frequency, returning into presence and into harmony again and again. Here there is gratitude and bliss. Maintaining this vibration is key to stabilizing the body and the mood. When in our day to day we choose to come back to this blissful state of being, we begin to live in gratitude. We then go on to inhabit a continuous state of effortless existence while attracting empowering experiences. Joyful growth and expansion become the norm.

Learning how to regulate your frequency is key to living your best life. Hear it from the master…

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Monika, a transplant from Poland and Brazil, has been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years. She began her training in 1999 with Edely Wallace, (owner of Yoga Matrix Studio in Orlando, Florida) a yogi master, Yoga Alliance founder and author who studied in Belgium, Brazil and the US and who is at present working with lymphatic yoga research. She went on to study with Ariel Albani, a certified wellness and yoga facilitator and Reiki master. She furthered her studies while on a trip to India, practicing with different Eastern yogis and tapping into yoga as a complete path to wholeness. Monika continues to explore the infinite possibilities of wellness that yoga offers by becoming certified in Yoga Therapy at the Amrit Yoga Institute in 2015 and bringing elements of this therapy to her group yoga practice. In 2016 she was certified in the I Am method of Yoga Nidra and is weaving this technique of stilling the mind into her classes. Her Healing Yoga is a meditative flow of breath guided Asanas focused on quieting the mind and connecting with the Higher Self, in order to identify and target areas of imbalance. It is a gentle but mindful practice done with eyes closed so as to keep the focus within. Practitioners are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and to move with the breath, allowing a slow process of stretching and opening areas of holding in need of healing. Each inhale is mindfully guided to the area targeted by the specific asana. Every exhale is used to release tensions and toxins, balancing and healing spirit, mind and body.