Change is the nature of reality. When we resist change, suffering happens.

The universe progresses impartial to what we perceive as good or bad. But it is always changing and evolving, and in that change is the ever present possibility of redemption.

As energetic beings, focusing on what we perceive as good raises our vibration, and in turn attracts more of the same, a facet of a universal law commonly known in spiritual circles as Karma. Conversely, complaining or worrying about what may be, draws you into a spiral of negative emotions. Vibration responds accordingly.

The Law of Cause and Effect governs the entire pattern of creation. The reality that unfolds is a consequence of your frequency and while present day suffering is a projection of the collective karmic wheel, how we respond to it creates the next manifestation, and so on.

The spiritual teacher Tara Brach refers to a cartoon of two rats where one is running on the wheel spinning it ever faster, and the other is sitting on the ground peaceful and content. The legend underneath simply says – “I get it!”

“Getting it” opens a whole new world of possibilities of ultimately transcending suffering.

Practices of stilling the mind serve to have that realization and to return to it continuously, asking yourself – what feels good here at the level of Spirit – and focusing upon that.

The Ego will tell you it wants revenge for perceived injuries and will clamor for it. But that initial rush of self righteousness soon becomes regret and shame. The suffering grows and begins to pine for empathy retelling the story to fit its egoic needs and engaging with another’s pain body. The need to set things right begins to create ripple effects and radiates out to a whole group of people. 

And thus here we are… lashing out at each other in misguided propriety.

According to the Buddha, hatred never ceases by hatred but by love alone is healed.

Love is the soul force that can transform the world. And the doorway to it is presence.

Primitive energies such as anger, fear, delusion and greed need to be met in quiet awareness. Engaging the evolutionary force of the frontal cortex transmutes them into light, raising your vibration and allowing for your higher wisdom to shine into being a reality that is beyond your wildest expectations.

Here is a little pep talk to that effect by Esther Hicks:

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Monika, a transplant from Poland and Brazil, has been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years. She began her training in 1999 with Edely Wallace, (owner of Yoga Matrix Studio in Orlando, Florida) a yogi master, Yoga Alliance founder and author who studied in Belgium, Brazil and the US and who is at present working with lymphatic yoga research. She went on to study with Ariel Albani, a certified wellness and yoga facilitator and Reiki master. She furthered her studies while on a trip to India, practicing with different Eastern yogis and tapping into yoga as a complete path to wholeness. Monika continues to explore the infinite possibilities of wellness that yoga offers by becoming certified in Yoga Therapy at the Amrit Yoga Institute in 2015 and bringing elements of this therapy to her group yoga practice. In 2016 she was certified in the I Am method of Yoga Nidra and is weaving this technique of stilling the mind into her classes. Her Healing Yoga is a meditative flow of breath guided Asanas focused on quieting the mind and connecting with the Higher Self, in order to identify and target areas of imbalance. It is a gentle but mindful practice done with eyes closed so as to keep the focus within. Practitioners are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and to move with the breath, allowing a slow process of stretching and opening areas of holding in need of healing. Each inhale is mindfully guided to the area targeted by the specific asana. Every exhale is used to release tensions and toxins, balancing and healing spirit, mind and body.